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Working Around Challenges

Most of the challenges I faced as a photographer were weather related or just normal human dynamics. Someone forgetting to pick up the flowers, shy ring bearers, or the tuxedos for the groomsmen did not include the shoes. Occasionally there were delays because of broken wedding dress zippers, late flights, or the DJ went to the wrong venue. I thought I had seen and experienced it all. There was one wedding that presented a challenge that was not under anyone’s control. The church that the bride and groom selected was undergoing a major renovation. The church was a beautiful andContinue readingWorking Around Challenges

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is a media repository containing over 63 million files that are free for anyone to use. Anyone can also contribute photos, audio, and video to it. Contributions of quality images are welcome, and there is a monthly photo contest anyone may submit images to. All of the media is licensed under  Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License and may be copied or used by anyone that follows the terms set by the author. Wikimedia Commons is a tremendous resource and opportunity for an experienced or aspiring photographer. Submitting images to Wikimedia will help you get found and noticed as aContinue readingWikimedia Commons

Infrared Wedding Photography

Infrared Wedding Photography is created with film or a sensor that is sensitive to a spectrum of light that is not visible to the human eye. Infrared Wedding Photography was one creative tool I used to distinguish myself from other photographers, especially at weddings. Not many photographers in my day used infrared film for several reasons. Infrared film was expensive, challenging to handle, challenging to shoot, and challenging to develop. The film required handling in complete darkness, making roll changes on location not a very convenient option. Camera meters are not calibrated for the infrared wavelength, and infrared light doesContinue readingInfrared Wedding Photography

Polaroid Image Transfers

A very unique and artistic technique of photography is the Polaroid Image Transfer. The process involved the transfer of an image from slide film to Polaroid instant film, and then to watercolor paper. The process was very demanding, but yielded truly unique images that the wedding couple was thrilled to have. Color reversal film, or color transparency film that is used to create slides, is also known as “chrome” a colloquial truncation of the legendary Kodachrome and Ektachrome monikers, which predates the homonym browser by over 70 years. In addition to shooting black & white, infrared, and color films, IContinue readingPolaroid Image Transfers

The Iguana on Aruba that started it all

Photography was always a family hobby. We had cameras by Rolleiflex, Kodak, Agfa, Polaroid, and DeJur. For my college graduation gift, my parents gave me an Olympus OM2N that I still have and use. I never thought of photography as more than a hobby until I received an interesting phone call one day. I had taken a hiatus from the corporate world, and had just returned from traveling to Aruba. Of the many photos I had taken, there was one of an Iguana on Aruba that I lucked out on. This shy lizard came out of the bush just forContinue readingThe Iguana on Aruba that started it all