As you may have noticed, the domain name for this blog is my actual name. Being an early adopter of the Internet, I registered my name as a domain name almost 20 years ago.

Having an uncommon name was an advantage in the availability, but I am not the only Paul Haberstroh out there. I am sure there are several other people with the same name that wish they registered it before I did.

Owning your name as a domain name is very important for many reasons. Your name is your brand, and your online presence is important regardless of your vocation. Having your own website or blog at an eponymous domain helps get you found and gives you considerable control over your online image.

SEO experts agree that having an exact match domain (EMD) is beneficial to search results in several ways. In addition to basic search relevance, any external links to your site automatically contain the relevant anchor text.

If you have a common name, you may need to get creative with a middle initial or name, or number, or use a subdomain from another domain. It may be available, but at a premium price. Currently, is accepting bids starting at $50,999.00 on

Parents, please register your children’s domain names for their future. They will eventually need to make a website in school and having a mature presence on the web will impress high school and college admissions as well as future employers. The investment is minimal considering the value of the future implications. I like, their prices are competitive and their U.S. based service is very good. You do not need to do anything with it immediately other than register it, but your child will thank you when they do need it.

Give your student a head start in cyberspace and register their name as a domain name!

Register Your Student's Name!
Register Your Student’s Name!



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