Khan-Academy-Digital-SignatureIntegrating Khan Academy into curriculum is fun and easy with Khan Academy supplying all the necessary resources and help. Having integrated Khan Academy into my curriculum for the last five years, I highly recommend that all teachers, students, and parents take advantage of this tremendous resource.

Recently, I had the honor of being selected as a Khan Academy Ambassador. Khan Academy’s mission is “to provide a free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere”. Just one look at the comprehensive subject offerings at confirms that there is something to learn for everyone. The content is very high quality and standards aligned. The videos, exercises, and activities are very engaging for students.

For teachers, Khan Academy offers excellent tools that make this the go to resource for an online curriculum supplement. Classes are easy to set up, and the reporting features make assessment easy. Content is easy to assign and completely customizable by class and student. Content may be assigned as homework or in class practice to help identify skill gaps and learning differences. The available content and reporting tools also make this the perfect “flipped classroom” tool. In the Resource section of the Coach Dashboard are comprehensive help topics to guide teachers through the process of integrating Khan Academy into curriculum. Khan-Academy-Teacher-Certificate

In addition to the extensive online reference section for teachers, Khan Academy offers an excellent free Teacher Training Course with a certificate of completion! All US teachers automatically get access to the training through the Coach dashboard from May 14th to August 10th. There you will see the Khan Academy Teacher Training checklist and be able to access the videos and resources. I highly recommend taking advantage of this training!

For students, the self paced activities and easy to follow videos set them up for success. Students will become empowered learners and are rewarded with points and badges. The exercises offer support and tips to help students be successful.

For parents, Khan Academy is the ultimate free tutoring and homeschooling resource. In the Resource section of the Coach Dashboard are comprehensive help topics to guide parents and mentors to set up classes and get the most out of Khan Academy.

As a teacher, you should explore and embrace this fabulous educational resource. You will be happy that you integrated Khan Academy into your curriculum!



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