On November 3rd 2018, children aged 7-12 from all over the globe came together for the fourth time to work in parallel and design solutions for a better world.

Global Childrens Designathon 2018

This 4th Edition of the Global Children’s Designathon 2018 has grown to 30 Cities Worldwide. Clearwater’s Fabrication Lab at Saint Paul’s School represented the United States for the 2nd time.

This year, children discussed and ideated around the Life On Land issues, a U.N. Sustainable Development Goal. SDG 15 addresses issues such as how to grow food, the needs of wildlife, deforestation, desertification, and biodiversity.

Children imagined and designed sustainable solutions around these issues, built prototypes, and presented them to each other. The students created amazing ideas and models, and had a great time working together.

The Global Children’s Designathon is a structured workshop in which children ages 7 – 12 years invent, build and present their self-devised solutions to a social or environmental issue around the Sustainable Development Goals. A workshop lasts four to six hours and is facilitated by education professionals.

The experience helps children become future ready through learning to design and use technology. The Designathon method combines aspects of Design Thinking and Maker Education, both approaches that are gaining ground in education systems around the world

To see photos and videos of the event, please visit the Global Children’s Designathon Facebook Page, and the Designathon Works Florida Facebook page.


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