Paul HaberstrohGreetings and welcome! This blog is to share my experience and knowledge of technology relating to education.

Becoming a teacher was genetic for me. My mother was a celebrated career elementary school teacher. I inherited the technology part from my father who was an accomplished systems analyst and patent holder. He was one of the few people who knew how to fix the “Y2K” bug efficiently.

A very curious fact is that when you do a Google search for Paul Haberstroh, three of the top search results are all teachers! A statistical improbability considering that it is a relatively uncommon name, and there is no family relationship that I am aware of.

I am the Paul Haberstroh who is the Founder of Clearwater’s Fabrication Lab at Saint Paul’s School.

In my career I have been very fortunate to have acquired an extensive technology background that I am able to bring to the education table. In addition to working as a teacher, my experiences in the technology business world include: a Dot Com start up, a large Telecom, and an IT consultancy.  I also owned a photography and web consulting business for many years.

The school is extremely supportive of technology and has made significant investments in infrastructure, making it a role model for the 21st Century Classroom. The Middle School Building is a model of what a learning space should look like. In addition to the Fab Lab, a dedicated Robotics Lab sets this school on the leading edge. www.clearwatersindependentschool.org

Having this level of technology at a private Infant through 8th school provides me the opportunity to report on the subject from a hands on perspective. This allows me to help you make good technology investment decisions for your schools. I have been fortunate to be invited to speak at Ed Tech Conferences, and have been interviewed by Tech and Learning Magazine.

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  1. Lynn goldman

    This is a really nice website you have created. We at St Pauls are so blessed and honored that you are using all your innovations and tech knowledge with us.


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